Osea Island Drifters Festival

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We recently installed a wireless network at The Drifters Festival which is on Osea Island, an island off the East coast of Essex which is accessible only by boat, helicopter or a 2 mile causeway at low-tide.

The organisers were looking to make the Festival as chilled as possible, and wanted to remove security issues, queues and the potential of running out of cash on a remote island that not only has no cash machines, but has a permanent population of just 5 people.  They partnered with an innovative new cashless payment operator called Cake, which enables you to easily pay bills via your mobile but they needed WiFi connectivity to make sure it all worked seamlessly – which is where we came in.

With no internet connectivity to the island whatsoever, we installed a satellite system, using 3 satellites which automatically load-balanced the traffic to optimise performance across the event-site, and ensure all users could quickly and easily get online.  We cabled parts of the site and used point to point links to manage longer distances.

The network managed over a thousand transactions through the payment app and enabled the exclusive guest-list of over 700 VIPs to get online and stay connected.

If your next event is on an island, on top of a mountain, on a boat or in a field and you want to provide connectivity to your audience, get in touch with us, we’ll take the hassle and stress out and get your visitors online.

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