How tech can help measure event traffic

01 Sep 2017

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Accurately measuring event traffic is an essential consideration for any event organiser.

Not only is this one of the first considerations a vendor or sponsor will look into when approached, but it’s also a metric that can allow all parties involved to measure their own success.

Fortunately, the days of standing by the door with a clicker have been relegated to the past. Now, the right tech can do most of the hard work for you - here are a few ways technology can help to measure event traffic:

1. Wearables

Wearables have experienced a surge in popularity in recent years due to the fact they are convenient, unobtrusive and come in an array of shapes and sizes. Whether delegates sport a nifty wristband or tag around their necks, RFID technology can be put to work, monitoring who moves where and when. Team wearables with sophisticated beacons which enable attendees to be detected as they move past without the need to waste time swiping in and out of areas. Plus, beacons can be used to transmit messages to attendees, based on where they are, via wearables or an app.

2. Gamification

If you plan to ask delegates to scan badges at certain points throughout your event, provide an incentive via gamification. Offer points that attendees can accrue every time they scan their cards - perhaps they could win some kind of prize or discounts. Display the results on a leaderboard to encourage a little healthy competition. Choosing the right incentives can also help drive traffic to certain parts of the showroom as well as measuring where everyone is.

3. Smart mats

Smart mats can help you to track a number of variables such as occupancy, traffic flow, wait times, rush hours and bottle neck areas. They can work well in targeted parts of the venue as although they only measure the area in which they are laid, they allow organisers to react to shows in real time.

4. Heat maps

To gain an enlightening visual perception of traffic at your event, consider Wi-Fi technology that can read and track attendee movement and convey this information via a heat map. Heat maps don’t just look good, they can reveal traffic flow, numbers and even be used to track interest i.e. how long an attendee stays in a specific area. This can provide valuable insight into which areas proved the most popular - areas that could perhaps command a higher price from sponsors or exhibitors.

Technology offers a myriad of ways in which to gain measure traffic at events. For help bringing your vision to life, contact DB Systems today 0345 226 3083

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